Local Homeschooler Wins Latin Award

Way To Go Haydn!

Way To Go Haydn!

Congratulations to Haydn for earning Outstanding Achievement on the National Latin Exam.  Haydn took the Introduction to Latin Exam and received a purple ribbon for his efforts.  Haydn is 12 years old and lives near Washburn, WI.  He has been taking Latin classes from Classical Learning Resource Center since September 2014.  Haydn intends to continue his Latin studies until his mom can no longer afford to pay for classes. (Rumor has it she made him pay the test fee himself.)  When not studying Latin, Haydn enjoys reading, playing outside in the woods, studying maps, learning French, and watching Star Trek.  When he grows up he hopes to be “a dreamer”.


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    • Hi Angie,

      Thanks! Yes, the test was a language test, and in the format of multiple choice. Some questions were about Roman culture, others were about a story (written in Latin) that you read in the test. You had 40 minutes to do 40 questions, which was a bit intensive, but when I finished I had plenty of time left!


  1. Way to go Haydn!! I remember when you were just a little guy in a basket watching us pick tomatoes!! Dream big!!

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