The Chicks Hatched!

At first glance it seems a little off the topic of homeschooling to write about our new baby chicks hatching, but really it isn’t.  One of the beauties of homeschooling is our ability to always be present for what is important.  Yesterday, 13 baby chicks hatched and my kids were home to watch this wonderful event.  Today one last little chick struggled out of its shell while we watched and cheered him (or her) on.

Several weeks ago, Clare Hintz over at Elsewhere Farm was kind enough to share with us two dozen eggs from her Icelandic chickens.  We placed half under our broody Australorp hen and half in our incubator.  I thought they would never hatch!  But a few days ago we started to hear peeping from the eggs in the incubator.  Finally, baby chicks!  To learn more about this rare breed of chickens, see this article from Mother Earth News.  Fourteen chicks… what are the odds that they are all roosters?  I think this is a good math problem for my kids!










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