Hi, I’m Kim. I live near Washburn, Wisconsin where I am homeschooling my son and daughter.  We love living so close to beautiful Lake Superior.  I am passionate about homeschooling!  I created this site for several reasons:

  • To help homeschoolers in northern Wisconsin find one another and connect.
  • To provide a site to list current activities and events that may be of interest to homeschoolers in the Chequamegon Bay area.
  • To provide a place for suggestions and reviews of materials and books of interest to homeschoolers.
  • To share some of my thoughts about homeschooling, with a special emphasis on (not-so-radical) unschooling, also known as interest-initiated learning or child-led learning, in the hopes of starting good conversations.  I welcome your comments!

I also want to showcase local students who deserve special recognition for achievements related to homeschooling.  If you homeschool and your student has worked hard at something that might otherwise go unnoticed, (eg is not already recognized by larger organizations like 4-H, church, etc.)  please let me know and I can highlight your child’s achievements here!  (A homeschooled student is a child whose parents have filed form PI-1206 with DPI).

If you have an event or activity that you believe would be of interest to homeschoolers in the Chequamegon Bay area, please use the Contact Me page to notify me.  I’d be happy to publish your event on this website!


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  1. Something like this certainly would have been helpful when I started homeschooling! It can be difficult to find other homeschooling families, activities and homeschooling supports in this area. Thanks for making this much easier!

  2. Hi Kimberly
    We re thinking of moving to your area. And was wondering about a few things. If you have time could you let me know what you think.
    Is there a homeschool community there?
    Are there get togetherness or coop learning?
    What do you think about the oredock charter in Ashland ?

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